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Latest Episode: Episode 162 feat. Bruce Tate (January 31, 2020)

Episode 162 - Designing Elixir Systems with Bruce Tate

It’s another episode of ElixirTalk, this time Chris and Desmond are joined by the one and only Bruce Tate author of many notable titles such as Programming Phoenix and Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, as well as being a frequent speaker on the circuit. We dig into the new Designing Elixir Systems with OTP book, that James Edward Gray, II and Bruce co-authored. We talk a lot about the way systems are put together, going into depth about the ‘Do Fun Things with Big, Loud Worker-Bees’ pattern that’s advocated for in the book. Along the way we talk about software design, persistence and more. Come along for the ride, it’s a fun one!


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|> Elixir Expertise

Chris and Desmond have over half a decade of combined Elixir experience on dozens of applications in fields such as cryptocurrency, digital media, consumer products, and restaurants. They've deployed apps to Heroku, Linode, and EC2, successfully adopted Elixir at existing organizations, and worked on greenfield projects.

They are organizers of the EMPEX Conferences and big fans of Star Trek.

Desmond Bowe

Desmond is the founder of the EMPEX Conference Series and runs Crevalle, a boutique software consultancy. In his free time he likes to surf, play pinball, and ride his motorcycle, Porco Rosso. He lives in Venice Beach, California.

Chris Bell

Chris is an Englishman in New York, where he works as the Director of Engineering at, a startup that helps video teams collaborate. An avid alchemist, he is a regular speaker at Elixir conferences and helps organize the NYC branch of EMPEX.

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