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Taking questions from around the Elixir community about application design principles and the state of the ecosystem. Ask us a question!

Episode 145 feat Fred Hebert - Erlang in Infrastructure, Property-Based Testing, and more!

Episode 144 feat. Martin Sumner - Riak and Erlang at the NHS

Episode 142 feat. Sophie DeBenedetto - Elixir at the Flatiron School, Learning Functional Languages


Episode 140 feat. Chris McCord - Phoenix LiveView!

Episode 139 feat. Zach Smith - EMPEX LA, ErlEF, Macros, and Functors, oh my!

Episode 137 feat. Devon Estes - Benchee, Assertions, and Opera, who knew?

Episode 136 - Our Github Flows, New Years Code Goals, and Realtime Thoughts


Episode 135 feat. Chris Hildebrand - Migrating an Elixir App Off Kubernetes


Episode 132 - Hello! and Macros. Lots of macros.

Episode 131 - The Big Elixir preview and EMPEX LA

Episode 130 - Desmond's (lost) Mustache, Ecto3, Database Views & Windows

Episode 127 - Scaling Desmond's App, Kubernetes, Property-Based Testing, and more!

Episode 127 - Scaling Desmond’s App, Kubernetes, Property-Based Testing, and more! by Elixir Talk

Episode 126 - Distillery 2, ElixirConf, and Your Communities

Episode 123 - Ecto!

Ecto, Ecto, and more Ecto! We discuss the different ways we use this versatile tool for much more than just database queries.

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Episode 122 - Event-Driven Architecture, Microservices, and evolving Application Architecture

How does Chris use an Event Bus in his app? Is it cool or is it lame? Also, how does your app grow, and what are the design rules you use to respond to that?

SHOW NOTES no notes this time!

Episode 121 - Editors & Workflow, Module Design, Imports & Aliases, and Function Typing

What editors do we use when writing Elixir? What’s our testing workflow? We also discuss why and when we use imports and aliases in our modules, and the pros and cons of typing our function calls. And Desmond has a new job!

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Episode 120 feat. Mat Trudel - Timers in the VM, SchedEx, and Factory Automation

We chat with EMPEX NYC 2018 speaker Mat Trudel to discuss his SchedEx library, timers in the Erlang VM, factory automation, and more!

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Episode 118 feat. Paul @bitwalker Schoenfelder - Deployment, Configuration, and more!

Our chat with the famous Paul Schoenfelder aka bitwalker, creator of Distillery, Swarm, and more! We discuss deployment strategies, the integration of Distillery into Mix, how the configuration discussion affects advances in deployment, and more.

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Episode 117 feat. Andrew Summers - Dialyzer and its new Pretty Printer

We sit with Andrew Summers, contributor to the Dialyxir project and author of its new Pretty Printer.


Episode 116 - Injecting GenServer state, the Freedom Formatter, and Behaviours

We discuss injecting state into a new GenServer, Pete Gamache’s Freedom Code Formatter, and a question about whether using a Behaviour is invoking the pains of OOP inheritance.


Episode 115 - Our EMPEX Recap and Open Source Initiatives!

Our EMPEX Recap! We discuss our favorite talks, an Open Source proposal, and Dave Thomas’ controversial opinions about higher-level abstractions in Elixir.


Episode 114 - Training up Teams on Elixir

What are strategies for onboarding a team in Elixir?

Episode 113 - Typespecs, Tests, Hot Code Upgrades, and EMPEX!

show notes Typespec correction: EMPEX:

Episode 112 - Caching and Process in Production, Elixir Segment Libraries, Ready Player One review!

Episode 110 - When to Use/Not Use GenServers or Umbrella Apps

Lots of developers coming to Elixir misuse GenServers and Umbrella applications, thinking that just because they have these tools, they should use them. But that’s not always so!

Have a listen for our perspective on when to reach for GenServers and when not to.

Episode 109 - Authorization/Authentication in Phoenix apps, Higher-Level App Patterns

Episode 108 - Multiple Elixir Versions, How Much Erlang Should You Know, & Thinking Functionally

EMPEX LA is this weekend! Get your ticket to meet ElixirTalk hosts Desmond and Chris!

Episode 106 - Chat with José Valim

We hang out with José Valim, creator of Elixir, and discuss new features in Elixir 1.6, tips to build better applications, and (of course) Star Trek.

Episode 105 - Drop-in Libraries & Supervisors

Episode 104 - Storing State in Elixir Apps

How should you think about storing state in your Elixir apps? Should you use a traditional external datastore? Or one of the built-in constructs: GenServers, ETS, DETS, or mnesia?

Episode 103 - Umbrella Apps

When should you use Umbrella Apps?

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